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At Jan Baker Fabrics we specialise in crewel. This beautiful hand embroidered fabric is now produced in Kashmir, but is a version of the original fabric which came from England in Jacobean times. The vibrant patterns are based on historic designs, but are updated for today and the enormous palette of shades and colours offers a solution for every interior.

Crewel is suitable for curtains, light upholstery and cushions.  The texture adds another dimension to any room scheme and mixes with contemporary or traditional furniture.

Owing to the time-consuming method of hand embroidery, it is not possible to mass produce crewel, so I promise you won’t find it on the High Street! You will, therefore, be taking something unique into your home which will stand the test of time and be admired for its craftsmanship.

Jan Baker is an interior designer based in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. Jan began importing crewel fifteen years ago, after a visit to India.

Having studied historical designs in London’s Victoria and Albert museum, Jan sourced a workshop in the sub-continent to produce the fabric. She has since built strong relationships with her suppliers and their families, and continues to visit most years to review designs and colour schemes for exciting new fabrics.

The photograph on this page is of an exquisite section of antique crewel depicting The Tree of Life.

antique crewel

Our Fabrics

Our crewel fabrics are all handmade in the north-west Indian province of Kashmir. Their subtle glowing colours and rich textures look wonderful in any setting, be it traditional or modern. Crewel Fabrics complement the varieties of tones found in old and new timber and stone and enrich simple painted walls. This versatile fabric is suitable for curtains, bedheads, light upholstery, bedcovers and cushions.

We provide large samples of any of the designs available so that you can look at the fabric in your own home. These samples are returnable and we ask that they are returned to us within 4 weeks of receipt. Our samples are free however, we do charge a small postage and handling fee.

To order your samples please visit our online ordering page.

Prices range from £40 to £84 a metre. The variation in price reflects the intricacy and density of the embroidery and our more expensive crewel fabrics are extremely competitively priced.